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No Call Out Fees

We don’t charge you a call-out fee. No matter what time of day or night you call, And regardless of the reason for the call out, We also give you pricing upfront before we start on any work. Only once you have accepted the quote on costs will the work start. Also, we don’t have any hidden charges or costs. The price given to you will remain the same at the end of the project.


All plumbing parts and materials are supplied by us. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for a period. specified by the manufacturer (usually a 1 or 2 year period). All plumbing services we provide carry a 3-month workmanship warranty. What this means for you is Should anything happen within that period, We will come out the next day and repair it. At no cost to you.


Accidents can happen at any time for any reason. And since accidents never give a warning, it’s always best to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That’s why we’re insured with OutSurance for Commercial Liability Cover. Trenching Liability Cover as well as Contractor Liability Cover. Also, our plumbers are registered with workers’ compensation should anything happen to them.

Customer Call Back Service

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    Plumber Sandton

    In today’s tough times, with all the prices going up and our incomes remaining the same, it’s nice to know that there is a Plumbing Company in Sandton that still cares. A Plumber in Sandton doesn’t charge a call-out fee. Whether it’s an emergency call out at 2 a.m. in the morning or a general plumbing problem at 1 p.m. in the afternoon, There is no call out fees. We only charge you for the work we do. Here at Plumber In Sandton, we have service vehicles equipped with all the latest plumbing tools. Spares and equipment. To get almost any plumbing job done on site Sandton Plumbers are always kept up to date with the latest developments in plumbing technology and plumbing techniques. With regular training given on new products. as well as services at least three times a year.

    Call Plumber In Sandton On 082-550-3306

    We are a local plumbing business based in Sandton. A small town situated on the East Rand of Johannesburg in Gauteng, Sandton. Gold was first discovered in 1887 in Sandton, and Sandton was named after the State Secretary of the South African Republic, W. Eduard Bok. Sandton Plumbing has been in the plumbing business for well over a decade. Here at Plumbers in Sandton, we are focused on providing plumbing services for both residential and commercial clients in the area.

    Try Plumber In Sandton

    Plumbing Services in Sandton

    Need a plumber? Contact Plumber in Sandton for all yoru plumbing needs. From Plumbing Emergencies, to Installations, Repairs and Maintenance. There are a number of ways you can get in touch with us like Telephone, SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Social Media or our online forms.

    Drain Cleaning

    Blocked Drains Sandton  – Got a Blocked Drain in Sandton? In need of a Drain Cleaning Company in Sandton? You’ve come to the right place! Blocked Drain is, caused by many factors, including a build-up of hair and soap. Dirt, food waste, calcium build up. Other causes include toilet paper, small objects like kiddies, toys. As well as feminine hygiene products, like pads or wipes. We often get calls for Blocked Showers in Sandton, Blocked Toilets in Sandton. Blocked Sink in Sandton or a Blocked Drain in Sandton, and we unblock them all. We provide various services

    Emergency Plumbers

    Sandton Emergency Plumbers – In the search for an Emergency Plumber Near Me? Or a 24-Hour Emergency Plumber Near Me? Although our office hours are from 5 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday. We’ve got after an hour Plumbers in Sandton on standby. Ready to help, with any plumbing emergency! The more common plumbing emergencies we get called out for include Burst Pipes. Burst Geysers, Overflowing Toilet, Leaking water pipes and blocked drains. These plumbing problems are often severe and cannot wait! The vital part of our service is we don’t charge a call-out fee.

    Plumbing Repairs

    Sandton Plumbing Repairs – There are no limits to what type of Plumbing Repairs in Sandton, we can do. Common problems we get asked for repairs include Dripping Taps. Slow Draining Sink. Blocked Shower, Bath or Toilet Drain. Running Toilet. Faulty Geyser. Low Water Pressure and Leaking Pipes in Sandton, to name a few. When you’re looking for a Plumber Repair Service Near Me, look no further, Call Sandton Plumbers on 082-959-1809. For same-day reliable Sandton Plumbing Repairs. We don’t charge a call-out fee, and we provide free, no-obligation quotations for you.

    Burst Pipes

    Burst Pipes Sandton – Has one of your water pipes burst in your home? Are you searching for a Plumbing Company in Sandton? You’re at the right place! Burst Pipes in Sandton are, caused by Old Age. Blocked Water Pipes. Excessive Water Pressure, Ground Movement, Frozen Water Pipes. Bad Pipework, or Improper Pipe Connections, to name a few. But not to worry, give us a call.

    Leak Detection

    Leak Detection Sandton – Do you have a leaking water pipe but don’t know where it’s coming from? Hunting for Leak Detectors Near Me? Don’t search any further for Leak Detection in Sandton! Common causes of water leaks include Broken Seals—blocked Water Lines. Corrosion, Damaged Pipe Joining. Excess Water Pressure, Tree Roots and Loose Water Connections, to name a few. 

    Water Heaters

    Water Heaters Sandton – From Electrical Geysers in Sandton to Water Heaters in Sandton. Whether you need a new Geyser in Sandton. Or you have a Burst Geyser in Sandton. You can trust us to install your water heating system correctly with a COC Certificate. We supply, install and maintain all brands of water heaters from Franke. To Heat-Tech and KwiKot Geysers.

    Plumbing Problems + Solutions!

    Blocked Drains in Sandton

    CAUSE: There are many reasons why you could have a blocked drain. Reasons include Hair, fats, oils, foreign objects, toiletries and sanitary towels. It also could be a buildup of outside debris like leaves. Or tree roots have broken through the drain.

    SOLUTION: You can try to unblock your drain. Using the old plunger. You could also get a BIOSMART drain cleaner. And If that does not do the trick. Give Plumber in AREA a call on 082-550-3306. There may be a more serious problem lurking.

    Leaking Taps In Sandton

    Leaking Taps in Sandton is a problem that is often left to go on. Or is completely unnoticed. In any event at the end of the day. That slight drip adds up.

    CAUSE: Most leaking taps are the result of an old or worn out washer. Over a period and frequent use. Tap washers and start cracking and breaking. Allowing small amounts of water to escape in a dip, drip way.

    SOLUTION: Is easy to do DIY, all you need is the proper tools and a new tap washer. But if you’re not sure of what you’re doing. Or would like the convenience and guarantee of a plumber to do the job then give us a call.

    Toilet Water Continuously Running

    Continually running toilet water means that there is something wrong with your toilet. Flushing a toilet is a natural process. And should never involve a complicated process. Of for example shaking the handle before pressing down on the flusher. A flushing system should be a simple and easy to use a system.

    CAUSE: Constantly Running Toilet Water can be from a variety of things. Including the Flapper Valve which lets water through. The toilet floats improperly balanced. Or a fill tank problem.

    SOLUTION: The good news is most of these are easy to fix using a toilet plumbing repair kit. And the proper tools. If you’ve never installed a toilet before, to give us a call. As you might cause new and more severe problems.

    Leaking Pipes In Sandton

    If you notice a puddle of water where a pipe is. Or even if you notice wet patches in your garden. Or certain parts of your wall remain damp. This is often a sign of leaking pipe.

    CAUSE: Leaking pipes often begin around the joins and jets of water pipes. This can be from each movement. Old age, rattling pipes. Or even poor plumbing installation.

    SOLUTION: This is a pretty serious problem, one for which we would not suggest a DIY approach to. Instead, give us a call, let us find the cause of the water leak. And we will repair it for you with a lot less hassle and frustration.

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